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Check your wakeboard tower tubing clamp size for all towers here. If you are not sure what your tubing size is just
use the directions here to calculate it:

Calculate your clamp size:

1) Use a piece of string or paper and wrap it around your tower tubing.
2) Measure the amount of string or paper that it took to wrap around the circumference.
3) Type in the calculator or look up your circumference with the chart below and corresponding diameter.

Enter Tower Tube Circumference =

Circumference (inches)     Diameter (inches)
3.927                                    1.250 (1 1/4)
4.712                                    1.500 (1 1/2)
5.105                                    1.625 (1 5/8)
5.498                                    1.750 (1 3/4)
5.890                                    1.875 (1 7/8)
6.283                                    2.000  (2)
7.069                                    2.250 (2 1/4)
7.461                                    2.375 (2 3/8)
7.854                                    2.500 (2 1/2)
9.425                                    3.000 (3)
You can use the calculator or chart above to check your wakeboard tower tubing diameter clamp size for any tower.

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