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We carry a full line of torque converters belts and barts that can be used with or are direct OEM replacement for Yerf Dog, Ken bar, Manco, Carter, Trailmaster, Little BadAss, Kartco, Trailsport Buffalo, Road Rocket, Kandi, American Sportworks, ASW, and many more.

If you want super improved low end and high end power, takeoff and top speed for your Gokart, Minibike, or Golf Cart, then a Bullet Lines Torque Converter is exactly what you want. Bullet torque converters are a direct replacement for Comet, GTC, MAX Torque, and will directly mount to nearly all small engines like Briggs, Robin, Tecumseh, Honda (plus clones), Kohler, Clinton, Lifan. A torque converter will give you more efficient use of the engine and the power you currently have by increasing Acceleration, Climbing ability, Take Off Power, and Top End Speed. Engines that currently use a Centrifugal Clutch can have a Torque Converter added very easily.

Step up and feel the power you have been missing with a Bullet Torque Converter today.
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Ken Bar go kart torque converter Yerf Dog go kart torque converter
Ken Bar Torque Converters, KenBar Clutch, Go Kart, Centrifugal, Gokart, Parts
Our Price: $279.99 MSRP
Sale Price: $92.37 Lowest Price Guaranteed!
You save $187.62!
Yerf Dog Torque Converter, Clutch, Go Kart, Centrifugal, Gokart, Parts
Our Price: $189.99 MSRP
Sale Price: $119.97 Lowest Price Guaranteed!
You save $70.02!

Ken Bar go karts has been manufacturing quality vehicles for years. KenBar currently uses Tecumseh engines and both
the centrifugal clutches and torque converters are Max Torque. Bullet Lines manufacturers complete replacement
torque converters that will bolt straight on to a Ken-Bar go kart.
Bullet Lines 1" go kart clutch is an asymetrical inline small engine clutch that replaces Comet TAV2 30 - 100 Torq A Verters. This clutch will help you get more power of your small engine by reducing engine load with  nearly a 10 - 1 overdirve. A torque converter acts similar to a transmission, allowing higher speeds of your small engine, and smoother acceleration
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